Word Building Kit


Is your little learner eager to spell words? Are they coming home from school with a list to practise or do you simply love setting up open ended learning exploration spaces at home? This set of beautifully crafted wooden letters are perfect for building and creating words no matter the age of your learner. Many children (if not all!) learn best through hands on activities rather than rote learning. Making words with this kit will help your little learner to, not only enjoy the learning to spell process, but will improve their ability to retain the words they are learning.

  • 40 letters in total - one of each letter and then multiple of commonly used letters
  • Made from plantation wood
  • Each letter is 5x5cm

These letters are the perfect size for the CVC Word Board and the CVC Dual Boards that we also have available and can be a great add on to create more words.

*Box and bag in picture not included

*Not suitable for children under 3 years of age