Wooden Phonogram Learning Kit 1


This Phonogram learning kit is the first in a series of Qtoys reading materials that apply the phonics principles to facilitate young users to learn to read in a hands-on and fun way.

The phonics embedded in the high quality wooden toys are designed to be both explicit and systematic to support young children in their independent explorations after initial guidance from adults. Because systematic phonics instruction helps children learn to identify words, it increases their ability to comprehend what they read.

This set includes 36 letters and correspondence flash cards to practice the sounds: /ee/,/ai/,/oi/, and /ou/.

** Please note: The words on the cards are all written using lowercase lettering and therefore are not the same as what appears in the first 4 photos. Please refer to the final photo to see the correct font used.

Developed in collaboration with Ms Thy Nguyen, a Montessori educator in Queensland.

Suitable for learners aged 3+ years.