String Art Kit


Let’s create STRING ART!

This kit provides endless fun! Learners will love hammering in nails to make a star or heart before choosing their coloured hemp string and wrapping it around each nail until their design is complete. The best thing…it’s reversible! Once learners have made their shape, they can recreate it again on the other side, with different colours!

 The kit includes:

  • Wooden board x 1
  • Hemp string x 3
  • Nails x 30
  • Twine x 4
  • Wooden hammer
  • Wooden beads x 4
  • Wooden pin x 1

    This kit is a special gift that will inspire learners to have fun, create and learn new things using natural products, with no plastic! It's a unique eco gift experience that you know won’t end up in landfill.

    Please note: The STRING ART Kit is recommended for children aged 8+, or may require some adult help to hammer in the nails. The kit is not suitable for children under 3 as it contains small parts. We always recommend adult supervision at all times and for children to be 5 years and over.