Small Rainbow Labyrinth (with wooden stylus)


This beautiful wooden labyrinth is great for helping children to come back to centre, to calm themselves and also to have a little 'time within'. Labyrinth's are a wonderful tool for developing mindfulness, help with tuning into emotions and are a great way to self-soothe. For children experiencing sensory overload, a labyrinth can help bring grounding, control and a sense of brain regulation. They help with developing fine motor and visual motor skills and are also a lot of fun!

Labyrinth's aren't just for kids. They're great for adults too!

A labyrinth is a course, with a single unobstructed path from the outside to the centre that is used to calm and relax. There is no set way to use a labyrinth. The path can be traced with a finger or stylus or a small ball/bead can be rolled from the entrance to the centre. The board can be filled with loose parts including gems, stones, rice, dried flowers, beads, play dough 'snakes' and balls etc.

This Labyrinth comes with one wooden stylus, a calico bag for safe keeping and a brief guide. Labyrinth is approximately 23cm x 14cm.

The wooden board has a natural food safe oil to seal the wood and simply wiping timber with a damp cloth will keep it clean. You can re-oil as needed. As this item is handmade using wood, it may have slightly different woodgrain and colour from what you see in the photo. Each piece is unique and is made by Array of Whimsy.

Suitable for children 3+