Rabbit Hunt and Memory Match Pack

This Rabbit Hunt and Memory Match pack means your learner gets the best of both worlds.
The pack comes with 1 rabbit hunt board as well as a 24 piece memory match game. Learners can use the board by matching the rabbits on the discs with those on the board. The discs can be hidden in a sensory tray or around the house/garden.
Learners play the memory match game by turning all the discs over and flipping them two at a time to find the matching pair.
Each pack includes:
  • 1 x activity board
  • 24 x rabbit picture discs
  • 2 x stamped and named calico drawstring bags
Discs are made from timber and are 5cm wide. Board measures 26cm x 20cm.
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.