Personalised Number, Shape + Pattern: Write, Wipe + Play!


Plant the seeds for numeracy with our 'Personalised Number, Shape + Pattern: Write, Wipe + Play' kit.

Through 19 coloured activity sheets your little learner will be supported to recognise, write and order numbers to 10 as well as learn to count individual objects. Each number sheet is personalised to the state in which you live (every state has their own way of forming numerals). Your child will also learn to recognise and draw basic 2D shapes as well as develop the skills needed to recognise and continue patterns. 

Charli the friendly (and cheeky!) bird is on hand to help your little learner develop their skills and is hiding out on every page just waiting to be found! He has also written a special note just for your child to help spark their love for learning. This kit will provide endless hours of fun as each page, when left in the folder, can be re-used over and over - just wipe clean!

Please leave your child's name in the 'additional notes' section at the checkout.

The kit includes:

1 x Hardcover A4 document folder with high quality, fixed plastic pockets

1 x Micador dry erase marker (colour will be selected at random)

1 x Letter from Charli the bird personalised to your little learner

1 x Tips and tricks to get the most out of the kit page

19 Coloured activity sheets including:

1 x Recognising numbers to 10 game

10 x Writing individual numerals to 10 and counting objects to 10  (personalised to the state in which you live)

1 x Number formation 1-10 practise sheet

3 x Recognising and drawing shapes sheets

2 x Drawing with shapes sheets

2 x Patterning sheets

Materials for the games include:

10 x wooden counting blocks

1 x set of printed number sticks 1-10

 **Not suitable for children under 3 years of age**

**Flash card in picture 2 not included**