Magical Reindeer Food Story Kit


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Help!!! It's Santa's Head Elves, Willa and Ivis here...

We need your family's help desperately! Christmas is in danger! We forgot to organise enough secret 'Reindeer Pit Stops' around the globe. BIG oops!

We urgently need to find families who are willing to have a super important 'Reindeer Pit Stop' at their house on Christmas Eve. We need these families to follow a TOP SECRET, North Pole Co. recipe and make magical food for Santa's reindeer. If the reindeer can't snack on this food at different places around the world they won't have the energy or magic needed to help Santa deliver all the presents. What a DISASTER that would be! 

Luckily the food is super easy to make and everything you need to help Santa and the reindeer is included. After following the recipe leave the food in the special pouch and place it, along with the magical reindeer ornament, next to your snack for Santa. He'll know exactly what to do.

The kit includes:

  • A beautiful wooden board with a letter from us, Willa and Ivis, explaining the problem and how your family can help to save Christmas
  • The TOP SECRET recipe (on the reverse side of the wooden board) including a place to leave a special note for Santa and the reindeer. This board can either be kept as a special keepsake or be reused - just use lead pencil and rub off using an eraser
  • 5 bags of dry 'magical' ingredients. There's 2 x Energy Boosting Flakes, 1 x Ultra Speedy Seeds, 1 x Magical Flying Dust and 1 x Light The Night Sprinkles
  • 'Magical' wooden reindeer tree slice ornament. This is used as a sign to Santa that the food is the ALL IMPORTANT 'Magical Reindeer Food' 
  • Reusable drawstring pouch with wooden North Pole Co. tag
  • A kraft gift box stamped with the signature North Pole Co snowflake

Do you think your family will help us to save Christmas? Pretty, pretty, pretty please with a snowflake on top? We would be so super grateful. Love Willa and Ivis.

PS Everything in the kit is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. No plastic here! After all, Santa loves helping the planet.

Please note:

This kit is a beautiful activity for the whole family to do together. Young children may need adult help to read the letter and also to write their own note to Santa and the reindeer.

Hot tip: Leave the box in a place where your child/ren can discover it eg. on the back doorstep, near the Christmas tree etc. It will add to the magic! 

All ingredients are non toxic and edible, however it is not recommended. It is sold as reindeer food only and is not for human consumption. This kit is not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts creating a potential choking hazard. Adult supervision is recommended for all children. 

** All wooden items have been made exclusively for Learning Seeds by My Little Set. Each wooden item will vary slightly due to it's natural grain. Knots in the wood are naturally occurring and add to the uniqueness and charm.

Allergen advice: Contains seeds, oats (possible gluten), freeze dried strawberries and other ingredients that have been packaged in facilities that handle nuts. For more ingredient information please contact us via email -

Bowl, spoon and pencil are not included and are for display purposes only. Matching pairs set sold separately.