Fruit and Vegetables Flash Cards


Yum, yum, yum!

Learners are can sometimes be hesitant to try new fruits and vegetables because... they're NEW! These Fruit and Vegetable flash cards are perfect for introducing healthy foods in a fun way. The cards feature 20 fruits and vegetables as well as how they grow. 

Each card is laminated and has rounded corners for long life and durability. They are proudly Australian made by the amazing Two Little Ducklings and are printed on environmentally friendly paper. Cards are 10cm x 15cm in size and come in a cute brown box inside a slip case -  easy for learners to open and pack away themselves and a great way to build fine motor skills. There's even a special place on the box for learners to write their name!

Recommended for ages 3+

Caution: Children 3 years and under should be supervised when using cards. Cards should not be chewed or sucked on, doing so may result in small parts causing a choking hazard.