Numeracy Exploration

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Wooden Dice - Set of 2 or 6
Counting and Writing Trays
2 Tone Number Set
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Number Tracing Board
Tactile Wooden Number Set
Number Matching Pairs
Shape Tracing Boards
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Create 'N' Play Wooden Discs
1-10 Nature Memory Match (Tree Slices)
Lady Bugs 1-10 Memory Match
Coloured Wooden Balls Set of 50
Natural Wooden Mushrooms
Coloured Wooden Mushrooms
Fun With Chalk! Wooden Cubes set
Number Jigsaw
Steiner Inspired Maths Learning Wheel
Countablock (Board Book)
Movement Blocks
Calendar Bundle
Calendar Bundle
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Natural Stacking Bowls
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Montessori Sorting Tray
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Cuisenair Learning Rods
3D Sorting and Nesting Board
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Shapes Memory Match
Learning Fractions Puzzle
Cutting Veg Crate
Cutting Fruit Crate
Cut Fruit Memory Match
Artist Palette Puzzle
Counting and Maths Symbols
Colour and Shape Flash Cards
Time Flash Cards
Day, Month and Season Flash Cards
Dates of the Month Flash Cards
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38 results