Magical Reindeer Food


You can choose to have this sent as a large letter (cheaper but no tracking) or as a small package (with tracking). Simply select the option you wish at the check out.

Help!!! It's Santa's Head Elves, Willa and Ivis here...

We need your learner's help desperately! Christmas is in danger! We forgot to organise enough secret 'Reindeer Pit Stops' around the globe. We had just one job to do... oops!!

We urgently need to find learners who are willing to join the crew at the North Pole Co. and have a 'Reindeer Pit Stop' at their house on Christmas Eve. This pit stop is crucial - if the reindeer can't snack on their special food at different places around the world, they won't have the energy or magic needed to help Santa deliver all the presents. What a DISASTER that would be!

If your learner chooses to accept the position, they will have the very important job of leaving out a small bag of 'Magical Reindeer Food' alongside a special reindeer ornament - a secret code to Santa it's not just any old food!

The food is all packaged ready to go!!

What's included?

  • 60g 'Magical Reindeer Food'
  • A letter from us, Willa and Ivis (Santa's Head Elves), explaining the problem and how your learner/s can help to save Christmas
  • 'Magical' wooden reindeer ornament. This is used as a sign to Santa that the food is the all important 'Magical Reindeer Food' (hemp cord has been used)
  • Re-useable drawstring pouch

Do you think your learner/s will help us to save Christmas? Pretty, pretty, pretty please with a snowflake on top? We would be so super grateful.

Sending you lots of Christmas love and cheer

Willa and Ivis (did we mention we're Santa's Head Elves?)

Please note: All ingredients are non toxic and can be safely 'accidentally' test tasted, however, it is not recommended. It is sold as reindeer food only. This kit is not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Red food colouring has been used and could potentially stain fingers/clothing.

Allergen advice: Contains seeds, oats (possible gluten) and other ingredients that have been packaged in facilities that handle nuts.