Planting the Learning Seeds with Jana

Planting the Learning Seeds with Jana

I’m Jana, an illustrator and mama to Harry. I started drawing when Harry was a baby as a creative outlet, and to process my thoughts and feelings. I shared my positive art on Instagram and this led to me opening my online shop, Word Finders Club. When I’m not drawing, I love being outside in nature noticing the change in seasons and curling up in a cosy armchair to read a book.

1. My favourite picture book for little learners is … Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.

2. Something I’ve learnt on my parenting journey so far… is the value of making time to be present with Harry. I’ve learnt to intentionally create space in our day where there are no distractions and we can be together as a family. Sometimes this could be baking banana bread, tending our veggie patch, drawing, journaling, building lego or reading a book. I’ve found the activity isn’t what’s important, it’s the being together, connecting and making memories that is.

3. My go to nourishing meal that is super easy and the family loves … is lentil bolognese and all the recipes by Patti from @pizza_night_.

4. An important learning seed I wish I could plant in every child … is to always be a beginner. To constantly be learning and trying new things, even if they are outside your comfort zone. Fear of not being good enough, what other people will think or making a mistake can hold us back from doing things we love. So hold tight to your curiosity and sense of wonder, it will serve you well as you grow up.

5. I’m the best version of myself … when I make time each day to do something I love. So whether that be 15 minutes drawing, eating lunch in the sunshine or reading a chapter of a book, I find these little moments of self-care are so important.

You can find Jana over on her Insta page @wordfindersclub or her online shop Be sure to check out her Happiful Journal (a daily gratitude journal for kiddos) - it's amazing!!

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